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Turmeric Curucmin Kosher Organic Fresh Spice Middle Eastern Seasoning Blend Herb F&F

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Turmeric Curucmin :

Native to Asia this member of the ginger family is one of the most highly prized spices in the world. Not, however, for its price or rarity. Far from it, turmeric is one of the cheapest spices to produce. Rather, turmeric is prized for its flavor and color. Turmeric has often been used as a dye for cloth. The root is also seen as a rather auspicious one and is used to make colored pastes for Hindu ceremonies.Color and karma aside, the turmeric root has become a staple for curries, soups, risottos, cakes and numerous other foods throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. Turmeric powder imbues food with a peculiar flavor unique to turmeric. As a member of the ginger family it possesses a distinct gingery-ness that’s often described and woody, musky, and floral. The naturally occurring compound curcumin also lends a certain mustard flavor.

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