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Tarragon Kosher Organic Fresh Spice Middle Eastern Seasoning Blend Herb F&F

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Tarragon :

While widely considered a European herb due to the major varieties being French tarragon and Russian Tarragon, it was actually brought to Europe during the Arab rule over Spain in the 8th century. However, it truly was the French who brought tarragon into its culinary maturity. The flavor and aroma of tarragon is sweet with notes of basil, licorice, anise, and whispers of pine and grass. A mainstay of culinary cooking – particularly for chicken and fish – tarragon has a wide range of uses. Tarragon is also used for cream sauces, to flavor spirits, and makes for ethereally good pickles. During summer, use tarragon to season freshly picked squash and tomatoes, or mince and toss with feta cheese and marinate in olive oil for a heavenly salad ingredient.

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