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Harihima Khraymeh Fish Hot Spice Kosher Organic Fresh Seasoning Cook Blend F&F

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Harihima חְרַיְימֶה :

Harihima (Arabic: حرايمي) is a traditional North African stew, usually made of relatively high fat fish, and cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Dreaming is common in the Libyan and Tunisian Jewish cuisine. The method of making the dish is not uniform, but it includes a fatty fish, such as a decker or golden spruce (called Dennis), cooked in a spicy red sauce like pepperploma. The pepperploma is a fried sauce, made from crushed red pepper and whole garlic head. After making the sauce, cook the fish, plus spices and tomato paste. The stew is a more advanced and simpler version of the original stew, named Sharmoula (Arabic: شرمولة). Shrimp is a fish stew in a spicy tomato sauce, in its preparation, making sure to fry the potatoes and carrots and peppers before putting them into the sauce. According to tradition, on days when there was a lot of load and little time, they would skip the frying step and put the vegetables while they were fresh in the sauce. As a result, the stew was called "Sharmoula Harima". Interpreting the word bohemian in Arabic is forbidden / bastard / illegal - meaning the cooked trumpet is not "legal" according to the original recipe. Later, the name remains only Harima, and it is the stew we know today. It is customary to eat charamella on Saturday night as a first course, plus spicy peppers and fresh challah.

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