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Alcomist Magical Way to Take a Shot vaporizer Alcohol vaporizing wand

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A Magical Way to Take a Shot: You'll be the life of the party with the AlcoMist! Our awesome vaporizer lets you inhale your shot instead of swallowing it, allowing it to hit you faster so you can start all the fun!

Maximum Flavor, Minimum Hangover: Level up your drinking experience with the AlcoMist! It turns your favorite drink into a fine mist to give you that concentrated flavor & instant buzz you crave, while minimizing hangover the morning after.

Easy-to-Use for Hassle-Free Serving: Our portable vaporizer requires 3 AA batteries. Its single push-button control lets you easily operate the device so you can serve drinks in no time.

Made for All Your Favorite Drinks: Suitable for all spirits & even mixed drinks, the AlcoMist offers a cool new way to consume your favorite beverage so you can liven up the party.

A Must-Have of Every Drinker: Whether you're a social drinker or a connoisseur, click 'Add to Cart' now on our game-changing vaporizer to enjoy drinks like you've never done before!


Get your hands on a cool, new way to enjoy drinking your favorite spirits! The AlcoMist Drink Vaporizing Wand magically transforms your drink into a fine mist–without the need for heat!

Our innovative drinking accessory allows you to alchemize your drink, letting you transform it into a fine, concentrated mist that you can inhale. The fine mist created by the AlcoMist contains only 1/60th of a regular shot, so you'll have no trouble controlling your intake and drinking responsibly. It delivers twice the buzz and less the downsides of traditional drinking.

An interesting addition to any drinking session, our handy vaporizer enhances the flavor and aroma of your drink, so you can enjoy taking a shot like never before.

Maximize Pleasure, Minimize Hassle

With the AlcoMist drink vaporizing wand, everyone will love to join in the fun!

Our unique drinking accessory will bring out the true flavor of your drink and allow it to be easily absorbed in your bloodstream, so you can feel the buzz in an instant! That means you won't have to wait for the unpleasant after-effects of drinking to drag you in the morning after. Experience the immediate kick and get less chances of dealing with a hangover when the party's over.

Whether you're a casual drinker, a social drinker, or an aficionado, our innovative vaporizer will elevate your drinking experience! Follow these simple steps to enjoy your drink in a new, amazing way:

1. Insert 3 AA batteries on AlcoMist.

2. Pour 100ml of your chosen drink in a 1.5-liter plastic bottle. Make sure the bottle has a spout that will fit AlcoMist's rubber gasket.

3. Attach the rubber gasket to the bottle's mouth to seal its contents.

4. Turn on AlcoMist and hold it above the bottle for 20 seconds.

5. Remove the device and enjoy your favorite drink–MISTified!


Made for Awesome Parties

Be it a house party or a BBQ night at your friend's house, our drink vaporizing wand lets you serve drinks and take a shot in a new, awesome way to liven up any occasion and make you the life of the party!

Suitable for All Spirits

Alchemize your favorite drink with the AlcoMist that can be used for all spirits, cocktails, and mixed drinks. It turns your drink into a mist that you can inhale for twice the fun than regular drinking!